Drisure's nanotechnology protects consumer electronics from water damage.

Sensitive electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, headphones and hearing aids, can suffer irreparable damage when exposed to rain showers, moisture, coffee or wine spills, or, water submergence.

Applied at the nano-scale, the coating does not affect the look, feel or working components of electronic devices.

As a solution provider, Drisure works directly with clients to apply the technology to the aftermarket as well as during the manufacturing process.

From delicate hearing devices, to high volume smartphone processing, Drisure has a certified commercial solution for your company.

Mobile assets

Drisure delivers protection of your mobile deployment assets, our patented, invisible nano coating repels liquid and keeps the ports and sensitive internal electronics free from corrosion.

Drisure enables your mobile devices to keep working no matter what the conditions.

Product enhancements

Drisure is the ideal value add-on for electronic devices. We are able to work with small – medium manufactures to include Drisure at the end of the production line.

Mobile phones

Gadget insurance

Drisure provides a compelling cost-benefit analysis argument for mobile insurance providers when looking at second claims.


Smartphone sales

Drisure pre-treated smartphones can be provided to distributors to offer as a premium upgrade.


Drisure is a specialised process that applies a liquid repellent substance to electronic devices.

We place the device into our proprietary machine which pumps down to create a vacuum. Once the vacuum process is complete, we inject our Drisure formulation which turns from a liquid to a gas as it enters the vacuum chamber.

In the final step, we introduce plasma which decomposes the liquid repellent molecules polymerising them to themselves.

Once the chamber comes back to atmospheric pressure we then remove your device and the process is complete. Drisure becomes the new surface of your device and its components.

Not your average bulky waterproof phone case.

Drisure technology provides protection against 80% of all liquid damage scenarios without the use of a case. Accidental spills, splashes and brief shallow submersion is no longer a threat to your electronic devices.

Drisure's application gives you a sense of security like never before protecting the stored memories, data, and connectivity you value most.


1 Step one

The item is placed into a chamber which is brought down to very low pressure.

2 Step two

An oxygen Plasma activates the surfaces of the device making them ready to bond to the monomer which is applied as a vapor.

3 Step three

Further plasma polymerizes the monomer forming a nano-coating layer over and within the product.

The chamber is brought back up to room pressure and the item removed.